The brand new echo is the initial thing Zen said immediately after hearing Jumin

The brand new echo is the initial thing Zen said immediately after hearing Jumin

“I will ask Assistant Kang in the future that assist, dont worry.”, Jumin told you.“Sick get-off the girl along with you, Jumin. I faith your.”

Zen moved among the stores, each more for the next. Ha Eun performed produce the fresh target if there is disaster and you may forced your to promise not to come unless of course there is a genuine crisis. Ha Euns fitness for the moment are Zens crisis.

She told your their dad owned an electronic shop. But the guy never ever noticed him privately. Why is he bringing stressed?

This new voice regarding steel trolley wheel from the tangible road are certainly heard inside not so crowded go out. An aged man are trying lift up particular boxes one to featured heavy. Naturally, Zen hurried giving him a hands.

Han, just what are you implying?

Zen noticed that he’d went 3 boxes out of apartment-display screen Tv. He is slightly heavier. Wait, tv sets? The guy moving additional to test the newest target. It had been just like the main one authored on Ha Euns mention.

Jaehee with a few folders at her hand kicked towards the flat doorway. She never ever dropped by at Zens apartment, their idols apartment. Shes a little while excited, however, provided Ha Euns fitness county today, she experienced she shouldnt become the very least excited.

“Mr. Han, you astonished myself. You told me to wrap up instantly and you may become right here.”, Jaehee said.“Really, viewing Zen by doing this, I thought the need to rush something.”“How is she starting?”“Maybe not a critical recovery, yet not bringing worse either.”, replied Jumin.

“You have got changed, Mr. Han.”“What exactly do your indicate?”“Firstly, youre never influenced by other’s thoughts. Second, in the event that you are in your clear attention, youll remember that Zen are often go overboard when it comes to Ha Eun.”, said Jaehee.“I suppose I am looking to be much more individual as compared to robot that Zen always mock me personally because.”“But thats a great alter, Mr. Han.”

“This will be a lovers room.”, mumbled Jumin.“Just what? As to why?”‘You understand, like…. Is within the heavens….“”Mr. ”, Jaehee told you enraged.“Little, merely leaving comments.”

“Zen usually emphasizes his beast inside your and you may sort regarding chatroom in advance of, however, luckily for us theyre gone now. Courtesy a specific someone.”, proceeded Jumin.“Do we mention something else, its their individual life at all.”“You should never you’d like to learn the idols private lifestyle?”“God, no.”, Jaehee said instantaneously.“I informed Ha Eun several times that i have always been against traditions together before matrimony.”“Yes, best wishes, that have Zen especially.”, Jaehee scoffs.“Really, now that the biggest challenge is fully gone, you want to move Ha Eun in order to a special flat ahead of Zen will get straight back.”

Jaehee worried about Jumin from inside the disbelief, the person himself appears to not bring a considered to exactly what they have told you.

“Today, if you’re shes ill. If you want to lose your head so you’re able to Zen, then take action. But given that youll struggle to remain the firm and can end up being leaving even surgeon dating free more benefit myself, I must state zero.”

“Absolutely, Mr Han. Do not you actually ever when deciding to take Ha Eun away from Zen, if you do not need to fall under health and you may perish, getting worse.”

Zen seemed closely during the son tidying up as much as his shop. That is it, the individual he had been looking for, Ha Euns dad.

707 / Saeyoung

“ Jenna? Shes chill, Perhaps. Got a wicked love of life. Best for sparring which have some body because the chill because the Agent 707. “

  • Likes their spontaneity. Including yall going to be in specific issues together.
  • Discovers your antisocialness, a challenge. Likely to bother this new shit out-of your, truthfully, to cause you to bite your. they can gamble in that way, tbh.

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